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Building Your Real Estate Career

Building your Real Estate career is like building a house. A solid foundation, four walls & a concrete plan are essential. Let Banners guide you in building the essentials to a solid career.

At Banners, we believe it is not just about making a dollar, it is about making a difference. Let us eliminate your self doubt, discover your self worth and discover your potential to see yourself as the powerhouse you are. There are no limitations to a Real Estate career, only limited thinking!

‘Banners’ was therefore formed as an acronym with the underlying notion : Be A Nominated, Noticeable, Empowered Realtor Successfully.

If you believe in developing a meaningful career, let’s have a chat.

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Our Founders

Elson & Brenda

As Banners’ leader, both of us with over 20 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry are committed to lead & grow our team of over 80 agents to success with a foundation of strong values & industry knowledge.

Our Belief

We believe in possibilities and choose to conduct our business in a conscious credibility based empowered state of mind and heartbeat of excellence to trust for the most benevolent outcome with our clients / business partners whom we serve / collaborate in providing solutions to their real estate needs.

Our Disciplines

We believe the right metrics is for everyone to help to generate enthusiasm and kindle excitement about the possibilities and the direction of our business growth with a right set of disciplines so that everyone with an heartbeat of excellence will grow and prosper and to be in abundance.

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We seek committed individuals who values integrity, dedication and the spirit of excellence for seeking transformation to achieve unparalleled success in their real estate career. Be a part of Banners now!