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Find out why you should join Banners
if you intend to embark upon the real estate journey as your career.

Standing on our culture, vision and mission, at Banners, we are devoted to mentor you to ‘Be A Nominated, Noticeable, Empowered Realtor Successfully.’

Real estate being a highly competitive business present a constant challenge to be always staying aligned with inner values and empowering philosophies while maintaining a competitive edge.

To us, we believe a unique source of competitive edge which cannot be easily copied, has far greater value. Workplace ethics offer just such a source: ethics or credibility is not easy to copy, it cannot be bought or sold, it cannot be owned, but must be lived everyday. It is one of the most valuable intangible assets.

To put it in the most forthright way, we have to ask ourselves: “What do we want to be known for?” For Banners, we want to be known for being able to make a difference in others lives. That’s our values and our culture. In short, what’s the culture you are looking for when you are choosing for the right team to start your real estate career?

The reality is, culture beats strategy. Be part of Banners growth as we endeavour to be part of something bigger and give back the kindness to others in meaningful ways. This is display in the willingness on the part of every of our Banners’ members to pull in one direction towards a common goal to rise up in our real estate business.

Real-estate is a business career without limitations, only limited thinking. There is unlimited income potential and your business can be as large as you imagined. 

Everyone wants their own home someday, it is a pre-sold product. Real-estate career has a flexible schedule that is controlled by you. You can live the lifestyle of your dreams, to travel around the world as you deem fit. 

Be your own boss and destiny is in your hands. If you want a work-life balance career, real-estate career is for you.

Orange Tee & Tie (OTT) is not just an agency, it is a consultancy and an advisory.

The colour orange symbolises warmth, energy, life, hospitality and vitality. Tee, on the other hand, is a reference to the golf tee that, through minute, is indispensable to any golfer.

Taken together, OrangeTee is a reflection of our founders’ aspiration that both the people and operations of OrangeTee will embody the positive energies of the colour orange and that every ‘tee-off’, our first encounter with our customers, will be a successful and far-reaching one.

The merger with Edmund Tie & Company Property Network Pte Ltd was indeed a brilliant move.

To us, it’s an activation of a mandate to soar to greater height as one new entity, OrangeTee & Tie where everyone can leverage on our competitive differentiation of greater resources, greater synergy and innovative culture.

If you are interested in joining the Real Estate industry & building your career, read up on our guide to understand the requirements and procedures. Feel free to contact us for more enquiries.

If you have any further questions, drop us an email!