Emerging Millionaire Award 2021

OrangeTee & Tie - Emerging Millionaire Awards

Emerging Millionaires

6th January 2022 – Banners is proud to announce that two of our agents – Brenda Zee & Julie Yang – have been acknowledged by OrangeTee & Tie under the new award titled – Emerging Millionaire Award.

This award was engendered by OrangeTee & Tie to recognise their real estate agents for their total sales received in the year 2021.

Kudos to Brenda & Julie! Believing that there will be more of our agents emerging this year.


Banners is an established real estate team from OrangeTee & Tie that leads with a heartbeat of excellence, anchors on integrity and serves with conscious credibility.

Banners aims to rise up in real estate with a ‘VIP’ framework – Vision, Inspire and Purpose – to communicate our Vision and Inspire our business partners through it, and believe in our greater Purpose to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

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