Banners Group Moved to ERA!


May 2023 – Moving to ERA is a significant milestone in our real estate career – a new era for Banners’ Group of dedicated agents.

This transition took 23 calendar days from 21 Feb 2023. The experience we received from all the C-Suite management led by Marcus Chu, ERA’s CEO and the staffs was indeed an ‘ERA’ experience, it was a ‘Expedited Responsive Action’ in terms of support and facilitation for us to acclimatize into their vibrant, energy-buzzing and lively environment that connotes positivity and growth.

We must know a right and effective business ecosystem deliver a higher level of value collectively than a person can create individually to our clients in terms of speed, professionalism and accountability.

We are thankful for the support & success we have received in OrangeTee&Tie over the past few years. In the next chapter of Banners journey, we look forward to soar to greater heights being a part of ERA.

We are honoured to share our story with you and welcome new & experienced agents to contact us for more information about your real estate journey.

Thank you.

Elson Chia & Brenda Zee

Banners Group / ERA