Banners @ Suntec Convention 15/16 July 2023

This event showcased a collaborative effort between Klimt Cairnhill developer, Low Keng Huat (Singapore) Ltd and Banners Division, ERA when we participation in the Property Investment Festival on 15/16 July 2023 at Suntec Convention Hall organised by EdgeProp.

Banners with LKH Director, Mr Low (between Brenda Zee & Elson Chia)

Our team of dedicated Banners associates worked tirelessly to ensure the booth was well-maintained, and the backdrop design coordination was seamlessly handled by the developer staff and the event organising team.

Elson Chia promoting Klimt Cairnhill at Property Convention, Suntec Level 3 Convention Hall

I am pleased to say we were given a 30 minutes speaking slot and with the developer consent, I had the privilege of promoting Klimt Cairnhill at 3pm on 15/7, Saturday.

During the session, I emphasized the scarcity of prime freehold properties in Orchard area, and the potential demand they hold, especially considering the collective sale of aged freehold properties in the same vicinity. We discussed the challenges faced in incentivizing owners to agree to a collective sale, particularly with the 60% ABSD imposed on foreigners as replacement costs alone can deter such a move.

Participating in this property convention was an excellent opportunity for our Banners associates to gain exposure and connect with keen prospects. They collected a number of potential leads, which we are excited to follow up on.

Banners at Property Investment Festival, Suntec Convention 15/16 July 2023

Elson Chia

Advisory Group Division Director

Banners Group / ERA