Preparation & Rostering Schedules for Coronation Shopping Plaza Roadshow (19/8 -17/9)

Banners gathered 10 interested associates who wanted to do hyping through scheduled sessions where we chose Coronation Shopping Plaza as our venue. It’s a one month event featuring 13 projects, 8 projects in D2, 9,10,11; 3 projects in D15 and 2 projects in D26.

Preparation & Rostering duty for Coronation Shopping Plaza roadshow

We visited Orchard Sophia, TMW Maxwell, One Bernam & Dalvey Haus (just TOP) for some of the associates who have not seen to get ready for the event.

Dalvey Haus showflat

Kudos to our amazing team comprising Nicholas Lai, Jack Chung and Marge Christy Ho where coincidentally they were rostered to kick start the first day 19/8, Saturday at the mall. With all the positive spirit and energy, Banners roadshow is off to a roaring start.


Stay tuned for more updates and keep the excitement soaring.

Banners Group / ERA