Sharing by Senior Marketing Director, Rachael Chen

Banners' sharing by Rachael Chen on property success story deal.

Rachael Chen who joined us recently shared an amazing success story on how she helped a client sold a HDB and bought two private properties after carefully analysing with the client on their financial status.

Below is a short clip of 20 sec video taken from Rachael Chen sharing on 29 Aug 2023 as a good reminder to encourage us to step out of the comfort zone to challenge ourselves to undertake greater tasks as everyone has the capacity to be a blessing to the people around you.

Rachael Chen’s Sharing in Banners meeting on 29 Aug 2023.

One of Banners’ leader, Senior Division Director, Sherlene Tay commented that though prospecting methods are not rocket science, the sharing by Rachael Chen was a good reminder to us as we may have forgotten and also serves to continue to motivate us. She added on to say ‘Identity what you are uncomfortable with and attempt to tackle it. You may be surprised by what you are capable of.’

Well done Rachael Chen! Props to her.

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