Circuit Breaker Closers

Congratulations to Meilinda Soetedjo, Banners’ Senior Associate Group Director, on this huge closing of a private residential sale, without any physical viewings & meetings!

This is an amazing testimony of closing the up-and-coming Daintree Condominium project based on a ‘high tech’ & ‘high touch’ method, namely, utilising the edge of technology & not forgetting the importance of human touch, respectively.

Our passionate senior associate group director displayed a shrewd ability in understanding the buyer’s worry in deciding between – buying vs renting, freehold vs leasehold, good location vs an upcoming ‘hotspot’, for her son. She managed to address all the buyer’s concerns and led the buyer to the beautiful home, reassuring her that she would do the same as if she was buying for her own son.

Due to Circuit Breaker (CB), the entire process was communicated virtually via WhatsApp with photos and videos of the project, without physically showcasing the show-flat. However, it was truly Meilinda’s ‘Can do’ attitude, earnestness, listening ear and dedication that earned her this closing.

Meilinda’s success is a testimony that anything is possible, even during a challenging time like this. We just have to believe and strategise innovative methods under this temporary CB constrain, not forgetting Banners’ spirit of excellence.