Insight into the Future of SG’s Real Estate Market

Although Circuit Breaker is coming to an end, the growing impact from Covid-19 have affected Singapore’s property market & economy significantly.

During Banners’ weekly online session, I have delved into this topic to uncover the the implications & insights for the possible future of Singapore’s Real Estate market.

A Summary of my sharing are as such:
– An analysis of past market upheavals (i.e. Global Financial Crisis) to decipher reasonable future possibilities based on how influential world leaders swooped in to mitigate & restore the economy and real estate property market back to normalcy.
-Evaluating URA’s property price index to derive future possibilities of the market trend with a (i) Simplistic approach using transaction volume & (ii) Technical analysis using ‘Elliott Wave Theory’.

Real estate is an asset class that remains as an essential need, and it will always play a vital role as one of the main drivers of any country’s GDP (i.e. Singapore). With the government’s responsiveness to market signals, foresight & their long-term strategic urban planning, Singapore’s real estate market remains attractive.

If you are curious to find out more about Singapore’s real estate future, do join ‘OrangeTee empowering consumer seminar’ via Zoom, where this will be expounded further. The upcoming topic will dive deeper into examining the relevancy of the technical analysis as this has been endorsed by private banking institutions, SMU and Wall Street champion traders.

Stay tuned to my next presentation titled Future trends from Past Cycles’ on 31st May 2020, from 3pm to 430pm.

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